Burrillville High School CTE Pathways

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Why Burrillville CTE?

Burrillville High School puts the keys to the future at our students’ fingertips. Our Career and Technical Education programs help students unlock their potential so they can follow the path their passions take them on to jobs they’ll love and thrive in. We offer an unmatched, well-rounded education, paired with devoted instructors and experiences that put the term “real-world” into true context.


My favorite part about the pathway is not only building … but the atmosphere in the classroom as well. Everybody’s on the same level. There is most definitely a teamwork aspect, and it’s more individualized learning.

Mack Gilmore, grade 12 student
Construction Management pathway


Explore careers. Gain field experience.

Goals are always within reach for our students, and they have the opportunity to work with industry leaders and gain first-hand knowledge in the fields of their choice. The word “experience” itself is exemplified in BHS CTE programs – we prepare students to take on challenges, inspire them to go the extra mile, and grow not only as learners, but people. We invite you to apply to the CTE pathway programs to explore career opportunities that start at Burrillville High School!


Why do students love our CTE pathways?

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Gain real-world experience in high school.

College and career opportunities begin with Burrillville High School’s CTE Pathways.