5 RIDE-approved CTE Pathways

Endless opportunities

Burrillville High School’s Career and Technical Education are all about unlocking student potential and helping them find their own paths. These CTE programs combine a top-tier high school education with deep dives into career and technical fields that match perfectly to students’ interests.

These programs are about meeting goals and working with people who are leaders in their fields. Students take on challenges that give them valuable experience, turning them into learners and problem solvers.

Apply to the CTE pathway programs today and get a head start on the career opportunities awaiting you tomorrow!

PLTW Engineering

Burrillville High School engineering students are the creators who want to see their visions move from ideas and planning to designs and final production. They roll up their sleeves and make it happen – all while earning college credits. 

Environmental Science

Burrillville High School’s budding environmental scientists are the next generation of leaders in sustainable agriculture, cleaner air and water, and understanding how our whole ecosystem works together. They learn to create solutions by combining technology with ecology and pairing critical thinking with creative approaches in their learning. 

Construction Management

Construction students in Burrillville learn to wield more than a hammer and nails. Here, they develop the skills to manage projects from start to finish, to work on assignments that have multiple parts that rely on each other, and to develop an appreciation for the work it takes to develop a community.

PLTW Biomedical Science

Today’s biomedical scientists are tackling big challenges to make the world a better place. They study how our bodies work to develop medicine, medical technology, lifestyle guides and diet to help people get healthy and stay healthy.

Law & Public Safety

The field of Law & Public Safety is an essential service, constantly evolving to meet the safety and social needs of our community. Our Pathway students enter a program that understands that the most successful public servants possess a deep knowledge of many, varied subjects with a wide range of skills; they understand the history of law enforcement and the needs of society, throughout our history and today.

Gain real-world experience in high school.

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